Thursday, April 8, 2010


On Arpil 24th, 2 of our friends (Dan Owens & Michael Lines) are heading over to Uganda to work with a place that is helping some kids in need of immediate care. Check out the site to learn more about what great things you will be a part of by ordering gifts through the Neema shop. There are some children who don't have the option of being a part of a family & the desire to care for their needs has been placed on the hearts of many. Dan & Michael are 2 of the people headed over there. It will be great to be able to provide some funds for them to be able to provide those things that we so often take for granted. From today through April 22nd, we will be giving 15% of all sales to help Dan & Michael meet the immediate needs of these children & to hopefully improve their community. So, what are you waiting for....start shopping!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Levys

I've gotten to know this sweet family & feel incredibly connected to their story & to their journey. After a trying time of incredible ups & downs - a time when we actually thought we were losing her, they have come home with a little girl named Sarah. She is sick & needs a lot of medical attention, medicine, prayer, etc... What it took for the Levys to bring her home was a lot. They didn't think twice. I so admire their faith through this. They need a little help & that's why I, 15% of my sales will go to help The Levys care for Sarah. Meet this family here to see exactly who you're helping by simply shopping for those gifts you were going to buy anyway. :) And thank you for helping them.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Katie Davis

Now, I have read stories of people from way back when who did radical things in the name of Jesus to serve others. People who traded in the comforts of 'life' to make a difference in the lives of many. People who traveled to far away lands & did things that made most people cock their heads wondering if maybe they were a little crazy. Katie Davis is living that kind of amazing life. She's 20 & she has more life experience & more wisdom than, well, ... anyone I have ever met. She gets that life is more than making yourself happy & obtaining stuff. She is the mother of 14 girls & servant to all she comes in contact with in Uganda. She heard the Lord call her & she ran. And He is taking care of the rest. Watching her makes me envy the kind of love she has inside of her that flows so freely to others. This month 10% of all sales will go to help Amazima ministries & the people Katie touches over in Uganda.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Heath & Neema

Heath is a girl I have known for a while. She & I have always shared a common heartbeat for Africa - what is that? A lot of people say that & it starts to sound a little crazy, but the more I listen to people's hearts the more I see God at work. People are burdened for different people groups, the elderly, children, the poor...and I find that amazing. Heath paid attention to that very specific burden in her heart, headed to Africa to serve temporarily & learned quickly that a bigger plan was in place. Heath would be invited to be a mother to a ltitle girl named Neema. Community is a powerful thing & I am excited that we get to play a role in caring for little Neema & Heath & the ministry they are beginning called Takes a Whole Village simply by the work of our hands. Know that while you are checking baby gifts, birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, etc off your list, you are also making a huge difference in the lives of 2 girls & many many more.

(click on their picture to keep with what they are up to in Africa)