Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Katie Davis

Now, I have read stories of people from way back when who did radical things in the name of Jesus to serve others. People who traded in the comforts of 'life' to make a difference in the lives of many. People who traveled to far away lands & did things that made most people cock their heads wondering if maybe they were a little crazy. Katie Davis is living that kind of amazing life. She's 20 & she has more life experience & more wisdom than, well, ... anyone I have ever met. She gets that life is more than making yourself happy & obtaining stuff. She is the mother of 14 girls & servant to all she comes in contact with in Uganda. She heard the Lord call her & she ran. And He is taking care of the rest. Watching her makes me envy the kind of love she has inside of her that flows so freely to others. This month 10% of all sales will go to help Amazima ministries & the people Katie touches over in Uganda.