Monday, October 12, 2009

Heath & Neema

Heath is a girl I have known for a while. She & I have always shared a common heartbeat for Africa - what is that? A lot of people say that & it starts to sound a little crazy, but the more I listen to people's hearts the more I see God at work. People are burdened for different people groups, the elderly, children, the poor...and I find that amazing. Heath paid attention to that very specific burden in her heart, headed to Africa to serve temporarily & learned quickly that a bigger plan was in place. Heath would be invited to be a mother to a ltitle girl named Neema. Community is a powerful thing & I am excited that we get to play a role in caring for little Neema & Heath & the ministry they are beginning called Takes a Whole Village simply by the work of our hands. Know that while you are checking baby gifts, birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, etc off your list, you are also making a huge difference in the lives of 2 girls & many many more.

(click on their picture to keep with what they are up to in Africa)