Thursday, April 8, 2010


On Arpil 24th, 2 of our friends (Dan Owens & Michael Lines) are heading over to Uganda to work with a place that is helping some kids in need of immediate care. Check out the site to learn more about what great things you will be a part of by ordering gifts through the Neema shop. There are some children who don't have the option of being a part of a family & the desire to care for their needs has been placed on the hearts of many. Dan & Michael are 2 of the people headed over there. It will be great to be able to provide some funds for them to be able to provide those things that we so often take for granted. From today through April 22nd, we will be giving 15% of all sales to help Dan & Michael meet the immediate needs of these children & to hopefully improve their community. So, what are you waiting for....start shopping!